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Rahmaan Statik
Meeting of Styles 2013
59th and western South side Chicago


STATIKONE.NET is an online art archive for the art works and biography of Rahmaan Statik Barnes. All art work on this website is was created by Rahmaan Statik between the years of 1999 to the present day. The total count of art work on this web site is around 400 and counting. If you want to see the best 40 art works go to .

Please navigate through out the art work portfolios and send your honest feed back. Please Enjoy!!!!! Thank You. Sincerely: Rahmaan Statik Barnes
 Public Artist, Designer, Fine Artist, Illustrator, Art Teacher
Application for Rosemont Summer
Mural Project 2017

This is a call to students interested in applying to the Rosemont Summer Mural Project. Please complete the form below and submit 5 pieces of original artwork to

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Please enter any questions or comments about the Rosemont Summer Mural Project here.  Otherwise, Please submit 5 pieces of original artwork to

Creative Liberation is series of exhibitions and public art projects. It is urban influenced art for art sake. Each body of work/display, challenge common ideas and social constructs of the urban reality and the world around us. The motive behind these exhibitions is to inspire people to inspire people to produce art that can save the world, challenge governments, and liberate artistically oppressed people. The functions of these exhibitions is to promote the public taking control of the visual reality in public space, with messages that inspire you to be a better human being.

There have been 2 creative liberation exhibitions and one community public art mural. Each exhibition provides a different prospective, and examination of the Creative Liberation ideology.

Creative Liberation 11 11 11
Was the first exhibition of the Creative Liberation series. The purpose of this exhibition is to explore, race, urban pop culture, consumerism , the practicalities and function of commercial digital media in the urban environment. The subtitle 11 11 11 was also the launch date. This date was to symbolize the first of the trilogy of exhibitions.

Creative Liberation: Englewood community mural:
This project was developed, and funded by the Englewood Safety network. Working with the Englewood Safety network, I developed the mural design with a team community youth the a number of critiques and meetings. From these meetings I gathered the key points of our conversations, and created an illustration. From this the illustration was then projected and painted on the wall by the community youth. I then finalized and finished the under painting, completing it into a comprehensive, museum quality community mural. The mural is located on 67th and Ashland.

Creative Liberation 2.0 Delusions of grandeur:
Delusions of Grandeur is a five peace series window display as part of the Pop Up Art Loop exhibitions. The total count if the art work was 4 8x17 foot paintings, and one flat screen monitor to display a 2 part progression of the production of the paintings. The display is located on Monroe and Wabash, opposite side of the city target. The function of this collection is to inspire conversation, on consumerism, race, religion, gender roles, pop visual culture, and art in the urban environment.

Doctors save lives, police fight crime, and the Artist dictates what we know as Image, Icon, and Form. I live a life-style of observation and creation. I believe that being well informed on the subject of your work and having an organized strategy produces a more intriguing work of art. I believe man has the right to choose his reality. In my reality I have chosen my own destiny; time and fate have confirmed that producing art is my positive contribution to society. The work I produce both symbolizes and creates optimism for life in our industrialized society. It also challenges the over-saturation of mindless sexual and violent images in pop visual culture. I put forth a passionate effort to produce art that has a spiritual, political and urban aesthetic. My artwork has been executed by the use of computer based design layouts and constructed with various art mediums, such as spray paint, oil paint, and acrylic. The subjects of the work include figure studies, human nature and political issues. My goal is to break the preconceived idea of what most people may think aerosol art is, highlighting the difference between aerosol art and graffiti. The spray can is an example of a post-World War II product that was not originally conceived for producing art, but as a household tool. Through the use of the Chiaroscuro technique, combined with classical and modern influences, my work seeks to have the spray can recognize as an artistic medium. Further, the nature of the medium being an aerosol can use for industry and aesthetic vandalism, is an icon for the fusion of art and technology. As such, it is a form of modern art. The historic influences of my work are Alphonse Mucha, Caravaggio and Andy Warhol. Their uses of color, form and medium have proved a good reference for setting my personal standard. Likewise, my contempory influences, which include Mariko Mori, Brat Disney Cook and Zaha Hadid have challenged me to raise my concepts of modern public art. The fusion of art and technology continues with the use of the computer with painting. The fusion of these mediums is what separates the work artists are doing today from the work of the masters. Yet the master standard is as important now, as then. The main principle in the correlation of painting and computer is the creation of order with chaos. This is another tool for the artist to push the envelope that much further. We are living in a digital, information age, where technology grows by the day. This has raised the standard in concept, quality and quantity of work artist’s produce. I hope to continue to always challenge the standard, producing quality original urban contemporary art.
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Chicago's best kept secret in visual art.
Chicago Artist month 2010 featured artist, Chicago Artist month publications: 2 page spread page 24 and 25

ARTIST BIO: Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, surrounded by urban art and public murals, I became inspired to be involved with the subculture of urban graffiti. A consequent arrest for “vandalism” put me on a mission to legitimize the production of aerosol murals. This became the main focus of my work: public murals that fuse the graffiti aesthetic with a classical training received from the American Academy of Art. As co-founder of RK Design, a graphic arts and mural company, I have produced over 200 murals, multiple CD covers, book illustrations and logo designs. Through the Chicago Public Art Group, as well as Gallery 37, I have instructed children in mural painting techniques, as well as mentored young artists in their craft. I currently work out of my studio in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, where in addition to pieces created in oil, acrylic, graphite, pen & ink, pastels, mosaic tile, spray paint and digital media, I am developing an instructional video on large-scale aerosol pieces.
Time Out Chicago page 1, Public eye article December 2-8 2010 full page spread
A.B.C 7 network television show Shark Tank Back, ground mural and paintings. Week 8 Ep9 Season 2 Aldo Orta 28:11 - 28:14
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