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Rosemont Mural Init.
The Rosemont mural initiative is teaming up with the Street Pianos project to create an interact active public art display of painted playable pianos. This will be achieved by recruiting students from local community colleges and high schools to assist and or collaborate with painting the pianos. This will be a paid opportunity for students during the summer of 2019 and will be produced in the Williams street garage at Parkway bank park in the Village of Rosemont 

Street Pianos / Rosemont mural initiative / Budget proposal 

Who :
-Rahmaan Statik will work to oversee the artistic production and management of the project. This includes, student recruitment,  instudio over site of student painting, researching and curating themed artwork for pianos. 
-8 Students will be recruited from Triton, Harper and Oakton  community college 

8 Students Under the direction of Rahmaan Statik will paint will paint 8 pianos as part of the Street pianos project.

When :
April-July: 2019
April: Student recruitment 
May: art concept development. 
June-July: Student painting development and completion 

The production of the Pianos are to be painted at the convention center garage. Same location from previous years mural projects. 
This location works because: 
-ground level
-loading dock for trucks / good for shipping and receiving pianos. 
-owned by the village of rosemont
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Rosemont Mural Initiative 2019 
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