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Lelands champaign barbershop: interior mural depicting 18 University of ILLinois alumni. Medium: Acrylic paint on dry wall. size: 10x30 ft Located 49 e green street Champagne IL

Baton Rouge Children's museum: Title:Building readers mural project . Medium:spray paint on brick wall Size: Mural depicting kids and community icons reading books. 10x80ft , Location: O’neil’s barber shop. Baton Rouge Louisiana. 

Lyndia Health Care. Title:inner peace Medium:spray paint on drywall, Size:6x13 ft. Mural depicting images of better mental Health.  Location: 139th s. Kedzie. Mental health facility. 

City of Houston, Houston Arts Alliance, Fresh Arts, Up art studio
Title: Growing a Brighter Tomorrow in Gulfton medium: spray paint and mixed media on brick wall. Mural Depicting community icons of the city of Houston. MUral project incorporated the collaboration of 90 k- fifth grade elementary school students. Size: 20x90ft houston tx 
Clinton foundation and The University of Chicago: Student mural work shop.Medium:. Acrylic and acrylic spray paint on drywall. Size: 9x15ft Location:5350 S. Prairie Chicago, IL. 60615. 
DCASE 50X50 GRANT/ CITY OF CHICAGO: Title: The Great Wall of Chicago. Medium:Mural depicting images of better mental Health. spray paint on concrete wall. Size:20x 900 ft Location:87th and Vincennes Chicago IL

Denver artist fund Grant/ City of Denver: Title: Denver international. 
Medium:Spray paint on concrete wall, Location: cherry creek trail . Mural depicting kids in front of world flags.  Center city Denver Colorado. Size:6x80 ft 
Faith Ministries: Title: better together, Medium: Spray paint on cinder block wall. Mural depicting community residents and icons of north Lafayette Indiana. Size:24x80ft.Location:Lafayette Indiana. 2000 Elmwood ave.   


DCASE 50X50 GRANT/ CITY OF CHICAGO: Title: Pullman mural project. Medium: spray paint on concrete wall. Mural depicting Pullman community icons, culture, and landmarks. Size:10x120 ft Location: 1111th and cottage grove. Chicago IL. 
Village of Rosemont: Exterior mural and youth mural work shop. Medium acrylic and spray paint on brick wall. Mural depicting Cinderella Story in Rosemont.  .Size: 18x120 ft Located in The Village of Rosemont IL
University of Chicago: mural project. Medium: spray and acrylic paint on wood panel , Size: 8x80ft.   

South East Chamber of Commerce, Mural 
commission: Mural depicting empowering images of womenMedium: spray paint on brick wall Size:15x80ft Location: 90th stony island , Chicago IL 64th south Dorchester

Hyde Park Art Center: Mural 
commission. Images depicting local performances artist and graphic shapes.  Medium: spray paint on brick wall Size: 30x120 ft Location: Hyde Park chicago

Interior mural project commission. Mural depicting basketball court and the Chicago skyline.  Medium:Spray paint on dry wall. Size:  10x30ft Location:  Rosemont IL

AfterSchool Matters:
2004- 2017 Teaching after school and summer youth murals working in CPS high schools and Millennium park. Murals installed in various locations in the City of Chicago


Village of Rosemont: Title: Rosemont mural initiative , collaborative mural project between the students and the lead instructor R.Statik. Located at MB Park / Williams Street garage . Medium: spray and acrylic paint on concrete . Size 15x200ft Location: Rosemont  IL 

Chicago Public Art Group/ Excel academy: mural depicting contemporary and historic figures from the African American community. Students helped with mural design and basic under-painting . size 18x60ft, medium spray paint on brick wall, location Englewood Chicago. 

Chicago public art group: Title : Sepia project, mural project depicting community elders and icons form the black and Latino community. The total size of the project is 12x100 ft .  medium spray paint on brick wall . Location Chicago 

Chicago public art group: Manual Perez academy. Text based mural project, students developed a short story about being in school. Size 4x100ft Medium spray paint and stencil . Location Chicago. 

BAI energy drink. Temporary Live mural painting during the Wells street art fest Size 8x8ft. Medium spray paint on wood panel 

McDonald's/ power aide/ Flowers communication. Mural painted in the Chicago theater for basketball competition. Medium spray and acrylic paint on concrete wall. Size 5x12 ft , location Chicago theater.  

Smokey Jennings Chevrolet. Mural painting of classic cars in car dealership. Size 15x40ft. Medium spray paint on drywall. Location Palmyra IL  

D.C.A.S.E : mural painted and designed on parade float for Halloween festival  . Size 4x30ft spray paint on wood. Chicago. 

IMAN: mural painted on DJ booth for Taking it to the streets event . Medium spray paint on sheet metal. Size 8x20ft Chicago 


Chicago public art group/ Woodlawn works . Collaborative community murals depicting attributes of African American culture.  Size 15x300 ft Medium spray paint on concrete wall. Location Chicago 

DC murals/ Words beats and life : grant commissioned community based mural project painted at eagle academy elementary school. Size 16x80ft spray paint on concrete. Located in Washington D.C  

 Rosemont mural initiative : mural painted with students at the Berry recreational center soccer field . Medium spray paint on brick wall, size 20x200ft, located The Village of Rosemont IL. 

606 trail / Kumba lynx: Collaborative mural painted for the opening of the 606 trail. Size 15x40ft. Located Humboldt park Chicago . 

 Garrets popcorn: mural installed inside of store. Medium: antique Ford Auto parts installed on wood panel. Located in Detroit Michigan. Size 8x8ft


Toyota: 3-d ground painting mural painted for The Toyota Corolla 2015 National campaign. Artwork featured in the Source, Essence magazine, and printed on bill boards . The project was produced in Vinace Beach California.  

Village of Rosemont: Lead artist for the Rosemont mural initiative, Creating a Mexican themed mural with students from the Village of Rosemont At the Berry Recreation center. .project size 18x200ft

Museum of Public Art: Commissioned and youth mural painted , in south Baton rouge Louisiana   


Garrett's Popcorn:
 Exterior mural; second mural installment on the east side of the building. Spray paint on wood panel; 6x36 ft. Chicago. 

Museum of Public Art: Exterior mural, Fredrick Douglass portrait. Spray paint; 20x30 ft. Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Metomic Corporation: Exterior mural, Jerry Garcia portrait. Spray paint; 12x15 ft. Chicago.

Metropolitan Family Services: Exterior mural depicting early childhood development. Acrylic; 4x36ft. Chicago.

25th Ward Alderman Solic Art in Public Places: 
Exterior street art; published on the cover of the Chicago artist month; 2013; mural; 12x50 ft. Chicago.

Chicago Fire NBC (TV series): Set design, Mexican cultural mural.


Earl Elementary School: Interior mural; portraits of prominent ethnic political icons; 10x40 ft. Chicago.

Museum of Public Art: Commissioned mural; spray paint on brick will;15x60 ft. Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Dusable Museum/Wendell Phillips:
Commissioned murals. "Hall of Fame" mural; 10x90ft, and "Dream and Be Heard" mural; 10x50 ft. 244 E. Pershing RoadChicago.

Children's Home and Aid: Creative Liberation 2 mural commission; 15x100 ft. 68th and Ashland Chicago IL

Sinclair Campus: 
Mosaic mural; lead artist; 8x42 ft. 4946 S. Paulina, Chicago, IL 60609.

Budweiser: Promotional mural; spray paint on metal panel; 8x12 ft. 47th and Paulina Chicago, IL 60629.


Peak Properties: 
Lead artist on 10x96ft mural located on Damon and Evergreen Chicago, IL.

Extreme Trampolines: Lead artist on 1000 sq. ft. mural. Carol Stream, IL.

Vipers Alley: Lead artist on 525 sq. ft. mural. Lincolnshire, Illinois.


Little Black Pearl and University of Chicago:
Mural for groundbreaking dedication for the David and Rena Logan Center for the Arts; Chicago.

Verizon Wireless: Commissioned mural and painting as the winning bid from the "How Sweet The Sound" mural contest. The art work from the project was used for the Chicago Verizon Wireless "How Sweet the Sound" Gospel music contest campaign.

American Theater Co.: Back drop mural painting for the Welcome To Arrayo’s stage set. Chicago

Nike and M.K.T.G Marketing: Nike sponsored mural installed in Simeon High School. Chicago 


Chicago Public Art Group and Open Lands Foundation: Community organized mural painted on 63rd and Parnell, Chicago.

Enlace: Community based mural project painted in the Manual Perez Plaza. Located at 26th and Kostner. Chicago.

Chicago Public Art Group and The Rogers Park Business Alliance: City block long painted mural. Located on Glenwood and Morse, Rogers Park, Chicago. "The Heart of Rogers Park" mural is a depiction of the different social and geographical icons in the community.


Metra and Chicago Public Art Group: “Instinctive movements” Lead artist with assistants. Spray Paint on Metra viaduct. Size: 390ft 47th and Lake Park, Chicago. 

47th Cottage Grove Currency Exchange: “The futures Past” Lead artist on interior spray paint mural 8x40 ft. Chicago, IL.

Chicago Public Art Group: “We Are, Nosotros Somos… “ Co-lead artist with Maria Gaspar; Acrylic and mosaic mural on parachute cloth, installed on front exterior of  Paderewski Elementary School. Produced with North Lawndale and Little Village students. South East Corner of Cermak and Lawndale Chicago, IL.
P.S. 55 Benjamin Franklin School: "The World is Yours" Lead artist; Spray paint mural on the school hand ball court wall; 15x70 ft. South Bronx, NYC.
Kut Zone  Barber shop commission: Spray paint mural on brick wall; Lead artist; interior and exterior murals: Exterior mural 15x80 ft; Interior mural 8x30 ft. Kedzie and Harrison, Chicago IL.

P.S. 55 Benjamin Franklin School/Mott Hall 3 Elementary: Lead artist: School Proverb Murals. Interior; 10x18 ft and 12x8 ft spray paint on concrete wall. South Bronx, NYC.
Chicago Public Art Group: The Beacon of light W.A.C.A community mural.  Lead Artist; 30x50 ft spray paint and acrylic on brick wall. Produced with neighborhood kids. Central Park and Ogden, Chicago IL.
Mexican Fine Arts Museum: "Common Goals, Common Struggles, and Common Ground: 100 year time line on the African American and Mexican migration into Chicago." Spray paint, acrylic, and digital Media on canvas 10x26 ft. Chicago, IL.             
Torito Grocery: Lady of Guadalupe. Spray paint mural; 20x100 ft. Cicero. IL.       
Grinnell College: Spray paint mural; 8x16ft. Grinnell, IA.   

Negro League Cafe: Spray paint portraits of famous Negro League baseball players. spray paint mural; 18x100ft. Chicago, IL.             
Mayfair Academy: Spray paint murals for dance school; 8x180ft/spray paint mural 18x100 ft. Chicago, IL.              

Coca-Cola: Spray paint mural campaign on the south east side of Chicago, IL.
American Diabetes Association: Acrylic paint mural in office; 7x14 ft. Chicago, IL. 

Songi grammar school: Acrylic paint mural of historic figures; 8x16 ft. Chicago, IL. 
Wendell Smith Grammar School: Spray paint mural in school lunch room 14x30 ft. Chicago, IL.

Utrecht Art Supply: Spray paint mural in down town Chicago store; 18x20ft: Chicago, IL. 
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