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1. Absolut Vodka
 Title / Project: Absolut Statik
Medium: Acrylic paint on wood cut out Absolut bottle
Function: Live painting for Absolut event
2. Jack Daniels, Art, Beats, Lyrics Atlanta, and Busta Rhymes
Title / Project: Version 2.0
Medium: spray paint on wood panel
Function: This was a project was developed in Atlanta, in the spring of 2008, for the Art Beats and Lyrics exhibition. The art work was also used in the Busta Rhymes music video "Dont Touch Me".
Date: 2008
3. After School Matters Chicago
Title / Project: After School Matters
Medium: Spray Paint and Acrylic paint
Function: Community and after school mural work shops done with inner city youth, sponsored by After School Matters
4. Coca-Cola
Title / Project: Coca-Cola neighbor mural projects
Medium: Spray Paint
Function: Mural projects promoting Coca Cola on the south side of Chicago
5. Red Bull and Deeper Soul Records
Title / Project: Photosynthesis no. 3
Medium: spray paint
Function: Live painting in Millennium Park Chicago. The event was organized by Deeper Soul Records and sponsored by Red Bull

6. Rahmaan Statik Wants You

My name is Rahmaan Statik, I am a prominent professional artist from the city of Chicago. Currently I am developing a number of Murals, and paintings for up coming commissions gallery shows for 2010 and 2011. I am looking for volunteers to help complete these up coming projects. During this internship you will be trained to use spray paint, and acrylic paint. This is a good opportunity for college students, professional artist and ordinary people who want to gain artistic experience. What I need are people who have some experience in administration, grant writing, graphic design, illustration, web design, general labor, murals and fine art. This is a non-paying internship that requires more dedication than skill. To see some of my past projects please navigate through the web site. Please respond if you are interested.

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