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Colonial roots collection is a brief commentary of the migration and politics of the african american family. This politics is what makes the african american experience unique migration into the united states. Slavery being the reason of Africans in to the Americas. With an eventual emancipation . Created micro societies with in american society . These fractal societies becoming social bubbles creates a by product of artistic subcultures.  

ARTIST: Rahmaan Statik
TITLE: Colonial Roots 
MEDIUM:oil paint on canvas
COST: sold
ARTIST: Rahmaan Statik
TITLE: Beautiful bias
MEDIUM: oil on canvas
SIZE:72x32 inch
COST: Available 
ARTIST: Rahmaan Statik
TITLE:Bionic Systems no.2 
MEDIUM: oil paint on canvas
COST: sold

Title: Stock Exchange
Artist: Rahmaan Statik 
Medium: Oil Paint on canvas 
Size: 14x42 in
Status: N.F.S
Date: 2002
ARTIST: Rahmaan Statik
TITLE: dark side of the island
MEDIUM: oil on canvas
SIZE: 24x40 inch
COST: available 
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